Updated: Jun 19

Everyday we see youth dealing with all forms of bullying!!! You say how can we teach kids to identify and be a voice for themselves against bullying. Over the past five years due to the recent suicides of kids who have been bullied across the United States we must no longer be a bystander as a parent, teacher, family member or school.

Kids must take a stand against bullying behavior in their school and community. Encouraging kids to show they can stand against bullying by letting their actions speak louder than words. Ask your child each day to support kindness while building empathy amongst their peers is the first steps in creating a inclusive positive environment.

Here are a few tips to help kids empower themselves against bullying:

Encourage kids to speak up and talk to a trusted adult.

Empower kids to don't be a bystander and be a friend.

Have conversations about your child's daily life at school and on social media.

Teach kids to treat others with kindness and respect.

Kids learn from others if we all do all apart in showing respect and kindness there will be no place for bullying in this world.

Tonya Kelly, CEO/Founder


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